Sunday, 19 June 2016

One Hit Wonder: Typhus' Zombie Horde 2.0

Since the release of the Crimson Slaughter book, and the formations within, a thing has been brought to my attention.  A thing that screams oversight and future regulation (AKA Nerfing).

This thing involves this dude... case you didn't know.

...and this guy...

PLUS all the guys in the background.

Typhus has the ability to turn "...any Chaos Cultist unit..." " the same army as Typhus..." into Plague Zombies.  The part that I quoted is the important part because that quite specifically states that the chosen Cultist units do not have to be in the same detachment, just the same army.

Here is where the double team comes in.  The new Crimson Slaughter book has a formation, that I talked about last post, called the Cult of Slaughter.  This consists of a Dark Apostle and 2-8 units of Chaos Cultists which has a rule that returns D6 fallen cultists to EACH unit at the start of the movement phase.

That's right, Typhus's zombies now get back up.

A couple of posts ago I talked about some of the stronger lists that have come out of the Chaos Codex and Typhus's Zombie Horde was one of them.  This is a pretty big deal for that list, mainly because they can take fewer units of zombies and spend those points elsewhere.  It may only be saving them 100-200 points, but that's a Vindicator, or a bare bones Nurgle Daemon Prince with wings which could make a huge difference in the outcome.

Until next time, Keep them dice rollin.